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Wanted: Book Reviewers!

Are you a lover of books? Are you interested in reading a new release book before anyone else on the planet? Well get in touch today to be part of our BEE Book Reviewers. Get your review published on our website to go into the draw to win a free book!


1000 year old boy cover.jpg

The book was all about this boy named Alfie. His father had passed away and nobody knew how he died. Not even Alfie, his own son! His mother had also passed away by a blazing fire, which was created by fresh wood, from the furnace. Nearly everything in the house had been burnt!


This is a book, where he is all alone, cannot trust anybody with his big secret. He can’t even sometimes trust his best friends! This boy, who is a thousand years old, must finish his journey.


I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars. You cannot put this book down!

- Connor

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