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A bit about us:

Bright and Early Education is an organisation that aims to maximise the learning potential, creativity, and confidence of all kids. We offer a range of services, with enjoyment and attainment the key to all programs.


Our Values:

  • Creativity

  • Perseverance

  • Integrity

  • Ownership

  • Confidence


Our Mission:

Our mission is to assist students in finding the joy in learning and to see that their creativity and imagination is encouraged and developed. 

Our mission is to ensure students can develop confidence in their learning ability, so that fear of failure is not part of the common narrative. 

Our mission is to build connections between parents and educators so that parents can continue to be essential and integral in their child's education.

Who we are:


Cholm Johnson's individualised programs are tailor made to meet the specific needs of your child.


A teacher through and through, read below about Cholm's journey to Bright & Early Education.

Cholm Johnson is an experienced educator with over 18 years of teaching experience in primary education. His teaching journey has taken him from North West Queensland to Notting Hill, London, and back to Brisbane. Cholm has a wealth of practical experience with reading and literacy programs used locally and internationally. in 2017, Boys Read was established to harness Cholm’s personal passion for seeing boys read for enjoyment, rather than just attainment. This was then turned into Bright and Early Education in 2019.

Utilising a background in team sport and an appreciation for the benefits of fun and humour in teaching and learning, Cholm is readily able to make individual connections with his students. By identifying a student's personal interests and motivations, Cholm is able to build rapport and then use his technical skill in order to make inroads on areas that require further development in reading.  

With a Bachelor of Primary Education and Master of Education Leadership, Cholm believes that forming real connections with students is imperative for success in learning. Making learning enjoyable, relevant, and in a context that boys can relate with is why the individualised programs of Boys Read have the best chance to turn your son into a lifelong reader.  

  • Presented at International Boys School Coalition (IBCS) Conference, Vancouver 2016 

  • Member of Queensland College of Teachers 

  • Member of Reading Australia

  • Completed Sounds Write program in 2022


Mother of 2, Sarah has been a teacher for over 11 years, specialising in mathematics. Having taught in schools around the world, Sarah now calls Brisbane home. Another passion of hers is activating her creative side, with Edgey Creations beginning in 2023. Sarah's run successful craft programs at Bright and Early Books for kids aged 4+, with clear, step-by-step instructions ensuring all learners can create their own masterpiece. Check out our gallery for some of the brilliant work by Sarah and Edgey Creations. Much to Cholm's displeasure, this proud South African is often seen out and about in her Springboks jersey! 

To check out the latest Edgey Creation designs, check out @edgeycreations 


As a Full-time teacher and mother of 3, Toni Godfrey brings a unique charm and sense of fun to the Bright and Early team. With over 12 years teaching experience in primary classrooms, Toni thrives on the ‘aha’ moments that she often sees with children. Working fulltime at St the opportunity to witness more students grow in confidence and becoming increasingly proud of their abilities has brought Toni to Bright and Early. The special bond that Toni forms with her students ensures that sessions are always a highlight of the week for all involved.


Bill Whitting brings a wealth of experience to the Bright & Early team. He is recently retired from a full-time teaching position at Churchie after 22yrs in primary and early secondary classrooms. Prior to that he taught in a range of educational settings in a number of Queensland State Schools.

In the classroom, as well as engaging students for academic success, Bill has always been highly committed to the pastoral development of the students in his care. This experience, combined with his pedagogical skills make him most suitable for the one-on-one intervention and support that Boys Read offers.

Cholm Johnson.jpg

"Before attending the Book Creation Program I used to think writing was for old people. I thought I was dumb at writing as well."

"After the program now I have realised that writing can be fun. It's exciting to have my own book. I'm not afraid of writing now and I know I can do it!"

 Jack - 11 years

"Prior to attending the Semester Program, there were constant battles regarding reading and writing at home. Now our child has confidence in their abilities and importantly, home life is as it should be."

Amber H

Student A Growth.png

B.E.E provided an energetic and fun online learning platform for my son during the COVID-19 school shutdown. My son was eager and ready for class start time and remained engaged during the daily lesson time.  Mr Johnson provided exciting lesson plans and material for my 8 year old (even I learnt many an interesting fact). He has a calm and professional manner with the children whilst also making learning fun. It was great to hear the children interact and have a giggle during class time.

Steph B

The boys who were involved in Cholm’s writing workshop at St. Laurence’s College were highly engaged. He gave them lots of practical strategies for getting started with story ideas and enthused them to continue writing more of their own stories. The boys particularly loved learning about how real-life authors get their inspiration for writing stories. Cholm is a wonderful role model for the boys when it comes to nurturing a love of literature.


From K. Jordan

Head of Primary School Studies

St Laurence's

Student B Growth.png
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