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  • What can I do if the Semester Programs are all booked out?
    The Semester Program is our most in-demand service. That's why at Bright and Early Education we work through the holidays to try and assist as many children as possible. If the Semester Program is booked out you still have some options: - Be sure to register your interest via email so that you can be placed on the wait list. - See if there are any upcoming holiday programs that may suit the needs of your child. - Book in for a free consultation to discuss the needs of your child. - Consider if the online tutoring option may be useful until a space becomes available.
  • I'm having trouble booking online, what can I do?"
    If you do have any issues booking online please let us know. Either send an email or phone Bright and Early Education on 0435 035 511 and we'll be able to help you out.
  • Do I need a Zoom account for the online programs?
    In order for the online sessions to work, you will need to download the Zoom app. You certainly do not need to purchase an account though. The Bright and Early account will cover the costs for all online sessions.
  • How old do kids need to be in order to attend Bright and Early Education?
    Bright and Early Education are strong believers in children, especially young children, getting the opportunites to play and learn through such ways. We tend not to welcome kids until they are in Year 1 for that reason. If you have queries for students yet to attend Year 1, we're more than happy to have some discussions on how we can best assist you and your child. We do have recommended services for students who don't yet meet the Year level criteria.
  • Can more than one child do the Book Creation Program?
    Of course! There have already been some stories created by friends or cousins who are together on holidays. There is a very small increase in cost, as there is another book printed to ensure both kids get a copy.
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