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Welcome to Bright & Early Education!

With our dedication to sharing knowledge, Bright and Early Education have educated and inspired countless students inside and outside the classroom. Bright and Early Education aims to maximise the learning potential, creativity, and confidence of all students. We work with students of all abilities, whether consolidation is required, or extension of current knowledge.

Situated in Ascot, at the beautiful independent bookstore, Bright and Early Books, there is no better place for kids to feel inspired to create and to take risks with their learning. Surrounded by a perfectly curated selection of books for young and old, Bright and Early Education is the place for your child to reach for the stars!

Need some books for home or the office? Check out the website @ Bright and Early Books!

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Events & Workshops:



Bright and Early Education have a range of services available for your parenting needs. Check what's on offer or get in touch to see how we can help you.

Holiday Programs

Check out our many holiday programs on offer at Bright and Early Books! 

Programs are available for kids 4yrs and up.

What we do!


Bright & Early Education provide a range of services to ensure we are the #1 place to go for child development and growth.


We work with students of all abilities to ensure they reach their potential.


  • Lower Years Education

  • Upper Primary Education

  • Middle Years Schooling

Unsure if your child is progressing with their reading and writing skills? Let Bright and Early Education help with a 1:1 Initial Assessment to give you an understanding of their strengths and areas for consolidation.
Bright and Early Education provide 1:1 literacy and numeracy programs designed specifically for your child, based on their needs.

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